[Idea]Dojindle – 同人誌専門kindleマーケット-










・To kindle the market coterie magazine!(Fanbook) And to the world.

・Want to extend influence of most popular Japanese otaku culture to all over the world.
・Can’t just go there willy-nilly “japanese comic market” and “toranoana” etc
・Print charge of book is expensive.
・There are many the writers with the anxiety over digital-book-izing.
Because Fan community is formed at japanese comic market,Everybody likes book,Illegal Download is scary.

◆Resolve an issue
・The digital book for the kindle markets which specialized in the coterie magazine is sell.
・Popular writer ranking like pixiv and recommended contents are prepare.
・A writer uploads a manuscript and registers a mail address and a password.
・Payment pays 60% of monthly sales to the specified bank account.

◆Other element
・Foreign language translation service of an English-language edition etc. is separately prepared.
・Positioning of the coterie magazine version of pixiv is an ideal.
・Want you to be born a popular writer from this market like “maho no i land”, “pixiv”, or “youtube”.