[Idea]方言娘 -地方より愛を込めて-


方言娘 -地方より愛を込めて-







Dialect girls -From Local with Love-

・Aim regional vitalization by the love simulation game of the smartphone.

・To the problem of depopulation provincial city.How do it an act to regional vitalization?
Recently often sees Local revitalization with anime and manga.
Is this problem unsolvable by a smartphone?

◆Resolve an issue
・Benchmark is Loveplus(Dating simulation game) of Konami.
・All the members that appear in a game use a dialect. dialect is good.
・The main character of the game is a tenth grade student who has changed to another school from a city.
・It has to get her within for three years, and has to make it develop into love.
・Purpose is to collect the memories of local.
・Have to clear conditions to release a new area. then come upon a new woman.
・Item acquisition and an event are specially prepared by going to the area using the GPS on a smart phone.
・Famous festival and tourist draw of each area tells in a game.

※About Loveplus

◆Other element
・In case of Android, Android home app is prepared. then display her to the home screen.
・There is an event that occurs depending on the weather to work with the weather API because it is linked region
・The Dialect girls of 47 all prefectures in Japan. How is the whole-world version?