[Idea]Love Train -毎朝の通勤時間をHappyに-


Love Train -毎朝の通勤時間をHappyに-





Love Train -Will satisfy the commuting time every morning-

Every day every morning, crowded train becomes a meeting place.

・I hate that the train is crowded every morning.
・My heart palpitates when I ride packed trains.
・Can’t commuting time be made pleasant?
・That person on the same train is always lonely every day when I cannot talk though I watch it.

◆Resolve an issue
・Let’s get on the second car. That is the place where people for a new encounter gather.
・Create a vehicle for the encounter.
・Be certain that the distance of each other gradually approaches my heart struck is born in that you are riding the same vehicle the same time all the time.

◆Other element
・Must solve the problem that the male ratio rises.
・Using bluetooth, Can know each other’s affinity, hobby by installing exclusive application.
・Not only the encounter of the opposite sex and grants an encounter in the people of the lacking single life that came out from the country.
・Let’s start with good morning.