[Idea]Nocloset – クローゼットの中の服を0に –









Empty the contents of the closet.
You can wear your favorite clothes.

・Change to a different set of clothing at the turn of the seasons is complicated problem.
・The fashion trend will end soon.
・There are many clothes and is troubled with storing.

◆Resolve an issue
・Business model of clothes version of Tsutaya discas.
・Every month , Choose the favorite clothes. Then it reaches the house.
▼Monthly ¥ 10, 000
2 sets of clothes & 10 sets of clothes(brand rank in A).
▼Monthly ¥ 3, 000
10 sets of clothes.

◆ other element
・It looks good to children’s clothes.
Because the children grows up immediately and cannot wear it
・A fashion brand uses this service for a test market.
(To a thing of the order to decide whether to mass production and look at the reaction of the user rental situation I have provided in this service something place to test market for before fashion brands there are many issues to the market)
・To make a connection with the thrift store that is across the country , it is the user rental test from the clothes of a vintage clothing store.
·When you like it, It can buy the clothes.
– Old clothes , clothes that ached , I offer to people who are suffering all over the world such as South Africa and developing countries.