[Idea]ベジタグ -食品管理をよりスマートに-


野菜 QRコード
ベジタグ -食品管理をよりスマートに-






Vegetag – Food administration more smartly –

Best-before dates of vegetables, meat and frozen food, are managed by a smart phone.
and recommended Recipes.

・Management of the contents of the refrigerator is difficult.
the expiration date was over and forgot what is contained into the refrigerator in the middle of a shopping.
Have you thought something like this?

◆Resolve an issue
・QR Code for exclusive use is stuck on food.
・QR Code is read by Vegetag(application of a smart phone).
・Information acquisition – photo and best-before date and producer’s information etc.
・The purchased goods data is automatically added as a mylist in an application.
・App will notify you in the notification 3 days before the expiration date.
・Have a recommended recipe button for every list, and can obtain Recipe information.

◆ other element
・How about introducing structure like Tamagotchi or a monster farm when QR Code is scanned? Not only manage food.
・In the case of tired of reading the QR code with a smartphone,
If it can be payment by a smart phone, information can be immediately put into a smart phone.
Pocket money book function is OK.